Things To Consider When Buying Beach Cruiser Bikes

Beach bikes are bikes that can be used on flat surfaces (such as pavement or grass), but can be used on the sand as well. Most often, these bikes are rather slow and they will not be suitable for someone who wants to achieve actual performance in biking. At the same time though, a cruiser bicycle is comfortable and safe for those of you who simply like riding a bike at a leisure pace, for their own relaxation and well-being.

The first beach bikes had so-called “balloon” tires and they were popular because they came at a lower price than the other bikes and because they were more comfortable than other bikes (especially for people who were not seeking for something professional or semi-professional). The popularity of these bikes has suffered both rises and falls, but nowadays there are more and more people who turn to appreciating what they can offer them with.

If you are decided to purchase a beach bike, then you should bear in mind a few things before you rush into the shop. The first one is related to the fact that the size of the bike has to be suitable for the person who will be riding it (age, size, etc.). That being said, do bear in mind that beach bikes usually come in four sizes, ranging from 16” to 26” and that the smaller ones are suitable for toddlers (2 to 5 years old).

Furthermore, do bear in mind that the shape of the frame the bike has will influence a lot your position on it when you ride it. Thus, you can find beach bikes that will oblige you to sit up very straight, while you will be able to find beach bikes that will allow you to sit more relaxed while riding them. If you want to make sure you are choosing the right type of bike frame for you or for the person for whom you are buying it, you should at least try and test out a few designs and see which one is better for your needs. You can simply go into a shop and ask the sales assistant if you can test the bike. Most likely, he/she will allow you to do it.

The colors and the aesthetic design can be a criterion for choosing the bike as well, especially if you want your personality to shine through. Nowadays, you will definitely find the combination of features you are searching for, especially since there are a lot of models and variations available out there.


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